Shopping System Help

We've designed our catalogue system so that it's easy to use and we hope you agree, that it's intuitive. 

An overview and break-down of the process is set out below:

Process Overview:

Buying our products has never been easier.  You have control over the entire process  and can decide to proceed or stop at any time. The shopping process involves four (4) steps. We examine each of these steps below.

Step 1 - Adding items to your virtual shopping cart:

Once you've located the product(s) of your choice, adding to your shopping cart is as simple as clicking on the [Add to Cart] button. The cart then refresh indicating that the product has been added.  Just like the supermarket you are able to add multiple items.

Viewing the content of your cart:

 At any time during the shopping process you are able to view the contents of your shopping cart by clicking on the "View Cart" link in the top left corner of the top banner.  When more than one item is present, they will be itemised and you will be provided with a running total of their value. You are also provided with a number of other convenient options:

[Update]  - If you wish to change the quantity of a particular item, simply change the quantity and click on this button. 

[Checkout] - Clicking this will take you through to the Checkout counter to finalise your order.   

[Remove] - To remove an item from your cart simply click on the Delete link appearing directly to the right of the product.

Step 2 - Checkout:

When you've finished browsing our catalog and adding items to your shopping cart, the next step is to move to the Checkout counter. This is as simple as clicking on the [Checkout] button.


The final stages in the order process is also simple.  You are presented with a summary of your order and will then be asked to confirm your payment method. You can pay by Credit Card.

Step 3 - Review Order Details and Submit:

Depending on the payment method selected, you will be presented with a order confirmation page. This is where you will be presented with instructions regarding your Bank Draft or Cheque or prompted to enter in your credit card details and click [Complete Order].

We use Comodo to secure our customer transactions. Our customer can be assured that it is safe to do business with us as all sensitive information is encrypted and will remain private.

NB:  Only stock held in inventory is available for purchase from our Website.

Step 4 - Email Confirmation/Order Fulfillment:

Upon receipt of your order we immediately despatch an email acknowledging and summarising your order. Our team then swing into action and quickly and efficiently dispatch your products. 

Terms and Conditions:

Please note customers  from North America are no longer able to order products and resources from the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council shop. While our free resources, such as safety pamphlets, are still able to be downloaded, these have been developed for a New Zealand context with New Zealand’s unique natural environment in mind, and the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council accepts no responsibility for any injuries that may be sustained by following any of our safety advice outside New Zealand.
North America:

Please note customers from North America are no longer able to purchase products and resources from the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council.